Who We Are

 INSTA Foods Limited is a sustainable food brand specializing in natural dehydrated food products through a unique way of preservation which not only preserves its nutritional value but also retains the taste, aroma, and color while increasing the shelf life of perishable produce.

We are an ISO 22000,HACCP & BRC Certified Company ,determined to preserve the Nature’s Freshness by developing innovative ways to reduce Food Waste & Food Losses. Since Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs are readily perishable commodities, but thousands of dollar worth fresh produce go wasted each year. We are trying to resolve this issue by increasing the Shelf Life of Fruits & Vegetables. We procure directly from the Farms and Fields, convert the surplus Food into Natural Vegan Food Products by preserving its Nutritious value while retaining the Taste, Aroma and Color.

We use innovative air-drying technology to offer a wide range of pure, natural, healthy, and nutritious food ingredients (vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs) without any preservatives, additives, or any artificial ingredients with guaranteed high quality. 

We deliver high-quality ingredients to the food industry and strive to provide healthier and better alternatives to the conventional food industry and today's smart & health-conscious consumer.

Why us:

Being ISO 22000, HACCP & BRC Certified, we integrate a culture of continuous improvement. We work with local farmers to get the freshest ingredients while maintaining and developing the highest quality of processing procedures. Using the latest technology within a hygienic and quality-controlled environment, we produce products that are 100% natural and chemical-free as well as retain nutrients and meet International Food Manufacturing Standards.


Our Vision:

We are determined to preserve the nature’s freshness by developing innovative ways to reduce food waste & food losses. We strive to increase food security and play our role in providing healthy & nutritious solutions at affordable costs.

Our Values:

We believe in creating healthier lifestyle solutions that can be conveniently adopted. The aim is to create food that is sustainable and healthy. We offer healthier alternatives to the conventional food industry by processing and distributing 100% natural and healthy food products globally. INSTA Foods aspires to provide greater choices with our large product portfolio to become consumers first choice in natural foods.